I love sharing what I am working on with audiences. My areas of focus are:

Creative Thinking—in the oncoming age of automation, the only thing we have to work with is the quality of our thinking. We are going to have to become more creative thinkers to solve new types of problems. We all have the ability to be more creative in our thinking, but there are also many tools and techniques that can enhance our thinking styles. The more we know about them, the more we can play with them and be amazed at how many new ideas and solutions we generate.

In Creative Thinking I focus on

  • How to improve your Creative Thinking. By studying some of the world’s most creative thinking, there is a growing body of research about the personality traits and practices that enhance creativity.
  • How to develop a Creative Process: The creative process is a way of solving any problem by working through a framework that starts with making sure you have the right question to working down to new and innovative solutions.
  • Creativity in teams: We all work in teams to solve problems, but if research shows that the best ideas come when you are on your own, what it is about teams that kills creativity and how can we use teams to enhance creative outcomes.

Gender Equity—despite more than a decade of good intentions, progress towards gender equity remains painfully slow. I set up ProfessionalMums.net to combat this and help large organisations reconnect with women looking to re-enter the workforce. From this work as a gender equity advocate, I like to work with organisations to help break through the barriers that hold women back.

I also like to facilitate workshop and events using Creative Thinking techniques to get your team looking at issues from a different perspective and then coming up with new and innovative solutions.