Thinking with computers (computation or cognition)

I have just finished reading a trio of books that have all had me thinking about how we will think and work alongside digital tools. The first up was Garry Kasparov’s book Deep Thinking – Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins. Kasparov has been an advocate of the ‘centaur’ approach to humans and[…]

Three kinds of creativity

Creativity is a broad topic, but broadly I think there are three types or areas of creativity which are important—and also give a framework for how to explore and relate to creative thinking. Personal creativity. I think we are all creative. That hasn’t always been the case, in the past creativity was seen as the exclusive domain[…]

The 16 traits of creative thinkers

Creative thinking is an art—and fortunately also a science. What I mean by that is we can observe and define creativity, and through that research create a framework for our own creative thinking. Research shows that there are 16 aspects or categories of traits to a creative personality—I list these down below. This research comes[…]

The link between innovation and creativity

There’s so much talk about innovation and disruption that it can be hard to put it into practice. When an organisation says—we want to be more innovative—what exactly does that mean and how should individuals respond. On the surface innovation seems easy, it’s just about coming up with different ways of doing things, so new[…]

How to be an unorthodox thinker

I am currently spending some time with my parents and being with my father reminds me of what a contrarian he is. With a slightly cynical view, he comes at every issue from the opposite side to you and challenges your view. With any issue, he says, the first thing you must do is attack[…]