Why work with me

My previous experience is as a highly experienced business journalist—I had the privilege of editing some of Australia's biggest business magazines including Business Review Weekly. During that period I interviewed hundreds of leaders, chief executives and chairmen—this was a rare opportunity that gave me a unique insight into what makes a successful business. 

My passion is Creative Thinking. I believe that in the age of automation and digitalisation, the only thing that we have is the quality of our thinking. The more we understand how we think and what kind of techniques we can use to enhance our thinking, the more opportunity we will have to solve big problems.

Creative Thinking is not a wishy-washy topic, there is a growing body of research and science that allows us to draw from data to help individuals and organisations develop a creative practice and a creative framework. I love working with organisations and individuals to help them become more creative, and to share with them all I have learned from using creativity in my life.

I also have a huge depth of experience in content production that I love to share. At BRW I ran a team of 20 journalists, photographers, designers and production staff to produce a weekly magazine, daily newsletter and website. I bring with me 20 years worth of publishing experience. I am also a small business owner. I set up ProfessionalMums.net—an online platform for highly-skilled women looking to re-enter the workforce or find flexible work opportunities. Through ProfessionalMums.net Kate matches women with flexible employers with the end goal of redressing the gender balance in corporate Australia. I sold this business in 2017 but I remain involved and as passionate as every about gender equity. 

I speak and facilitate at events of all shapes and sizes—but particularly those with a business focus. I like to host the event, mingle with the audience and pull together disparate themes and conversations during the event into punchy insights that the audience can take home with them. If you want to take what’s happened at your event to a larger audience, then have a look at my popular Conference Anthropologist package!